Our Company

3 Clicks Apparel has been providing Australian apparel businesses with easy to use tech since 2006.


Our passion is to help people use data to improve their operation

Our reason why is in our name itself: we firmly believe that everyone should be able to access data in just a few clicks without dealing with complicated software.

Customer satisfaction is the foundation on which our entire service is based: our goal is to make companies stand out from the competition by implementing simple and easy to work with software that does exactly what it claims, providing all the useful insights in a single, transparent and shared environment.

Perfecting our product and our guiding principles

Thanks to our commitment to deliver the best software for the industry, communication between buyers and suppliers are facilitated and made immediate so that everyone can join efforts and streamline the production process without incurring issues or bottlenecks.

Constant communication of updates to our customers are keeping all our users on track with our software functions and services provided.


Scaling our operation

An ever growing number of businesses around the globe are logging into 3 Clicks every day to get their job done without hesitation, always updated on the latest data.

Streamlining the production is keeping buyers and supplier connected at any time, anywhere.

3 Clicks got you covered

Global competition and ever-changing buyer requirements affects fast fashion production cycles. 3 Clicks' core mission is to bring support to the industry, helping each business to stand out from the crowd maintaining transparency, producing high quality products with required supplier compliance in place all in one location.

By gaining access to our tools, your business can monitor the entire production process from style to shipment, significantly reducing the risk of incurring issues and claims. Full visibility will be available at your fingertips, and the entire team will be allowed to coordinate efforts in a joint attempt to beat the competition and be recognized as the high-standard, quality manufacturer that you are.


Small organization, big value

We're a passionate business and we are continuously investing back into the product and services that we offer allowing our solution to stay relevant in the ever changing technology age. We thrive on challenges and taking complex processes and creating easy to use solutions for our clients to benefit from.

This Could Be Your Team's Secret Weapon

Use our work management platform to make it simple for your organization to manage and visually see the entire production cycle.

Complete tasks and projects wherever you are working.

For more than 16 years we have helped deliver seamless end-to-end solutions for our clients shipping millions of items.