Frequently asked questions

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the disparate parts of your business and want them to run together as a well-oiled machine?
Are you struggling to find what’s been completed? Does it feel like asking your staff for an accurate report is almost an impossible task?
Do you struggle to find information about your orders as they have been lost in a million emails and spreadsheets?
Does your team spend far too much time designing supporting documents when they could focus on more pressing matters?
Are you losing profits because you missed important delivery dates and had to ship by air?
Ever feel like your production is held back by certain staff members resulting in delays and late and costly deliveries?


Is 3 Clicks Cloud the right tool for me?
If you answered yes to any of the questions above, 3 Clicks is most likely the tool you are looking for. Solving these problems is what 3 Clicks does for our clients every day.
3 Clicks Cloud vs excel
3 Clicks manages risk that you expose your business to in the production cycle right from creation, managing production through to delivery. With built in smarts such as notifications, warnings, reporting and so much more you and the team will create a streamlined and efficient workflow reducing the risk of errors and big unpleasant surprises. If you want to find out more, Contact us to talk to one of our dedicated team members.
Can I test 3 Clicks for free before purchasing it?
Yes! You can trial 3 Clicks Cloud for 30 days, allowing you to see and use our software before purchasing. 3 Clicks provides a fully functional version for trial. The software you use during the trial is what you'll get when you implement the solution.
Can I get 3 Clicks Cloud for free?
No, but for the full production version you have 30 days free trial and your linked suppliers' accounts are free.


How is support provided?
Customer service is something we like to compete on. Support is offered for our registered and paying users directly from your account as well as email and phone as per contract and depending on your pre-purchased professional service package status. We have people in Australia/Melbourne time zone who generally work Monday through Friday. We try to answer most inquiries within 48 hours during weekdays, and we're usually much faster than that. We are also of course always on call to respond to service interruptions, both for our website and our web applications.
Does 3 Clicks Cloud offer demonstrations?
We offer demonstrations on request and can work with you on proof of concept ensuring 3 Clicks Cloud is the right tool for your business. Contact us for more information.
How do I sign up for 3 Clicks Cloud?
Register for a full production type account online from the 3 Clicks Cloud Join page. Your details will be verified and once passed, the account is ready for use. Note that you have 30 day free trial to use the 3 Clicks production tool before the account will roll over to the standard licensing fee structure.
How do I pay for my 3 Clicks Cloud account?
You are invoiced on the 1st each month for the all active accounts in the previous month.
Can I request a quote for development that I want done?
We work closely with our clients and can offer development quotes upon request.
Does 3 Clicks Cloud have a professional services team who can assist with training, implementation and or software development?
3 Clicks offer professional services and packages are available upon request. We offer value add services such as training (on or off-site), implementation project management and development work. If you are looking for 3 Clicks Cloud expertise, Contact us.


How does my supplier register for a supplier portal account?
Invite your suppliers to register online. This is completed on the 3 Clicks Cloud Join page. Suppliers register for a Portal type account and this is a free service. Once the account is activated by your supplier, you can link the supplier portal account to your production system. From here on you can start the collaboration with your suppliers, keeping it all data in once single location.
Is there a cost for my linked suppliers to use 3 Clicks?
Your suppliers' portal account is free when linked to your main production system.
More questions? If you have a questions that is not answered here, please feel free to Contact us.

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Happy Client Testimonials

"3 Clicks is a fabulous piece of software and I’m so glad that I got to use it. It made me realise that there are developers out there who listen to their users."
Anni Stroud
"With automated features it definitely saves time and discrepancies."
Christine Fastuca
"The ability for the system to be totally integrated within the Buying, Planning, Design, Production & QC teams is invaluable."
Michael Smith
"3 Clicks has given us a clear picture of our purchasing, compliance, milestone reporting and tracking."
Jim Costa

Happy Client Testimonials